Latest controls of privacy By Microsoft Office

Latest controls of privacy By Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a connected experience |

The way Microsoft utilize the technology to be more productive at work and at home is changing these days. They work a lot more on the go, they use more than one device to complete their tasks, and they often collaborate as part of a team, even when that particular team is their family and friends. At Microsoft Corporation, they are committed to providing you with the best-in-class experiences and applications to meet these modern requirements, while respecting your privacy and keeping you completely in control of your data.

At Microsoft, they continue to introduce exciting and new capabilities to Office to help you communicate, create, and collaborate a lot more effectively. Sometimes it is as simple as helping you find a particular document you wrote just a week ago or helping you find the perfect image for a report of the school. Or maybe your team requires to communicate and collaborate on a project in real-time across various devices. Microsoft Office can help you create presentations that are professional-looking by suggesting several design layouts for your slides of the PowerPoint, and it can also assist you to find key insights in complex sets of data and information.

To deliver these particular experiences, Microsoft office uses the power of the Microsoft Cloud. Like any other connected website or service, required service data must only be shared between your Microsoft and computer system to enable these particular features.

For instance, perhaps you would like Microsoft PowerPoint to give live subtitles as you present and even completely translate all of your words into a completely different language. To translate and transcribe your spoken words, Microsoft PowerPoint sends a recording of your respective voice to our Translation and Speech service, where it is automatically machine translated and transcribed. The text that is generated is returned to your computer system so that Microsoft PowerPoint can display it on the screen in real-time. Your words and voice are used only to do the translation and transcription you have asked us to do.

You are in complete control of cloud-connected experiences:-

We understand the importance of keeping you and your company in control of connected experiences when working in apps of Microsoft office. With this particular update, you now have settings that basically allow you to re-enable or disable the following types of connected experiences, including the following:-

  1. Experiences that completely analyze your content: Experiences that use your content of Microsoft office to provide you with recommendations of the design, data insights, editing suggestions, and similar other features. For example, Microsoft PowerPoint Designer or Editor in Microsoft Word.
  2. Experiences that download online content: Experiences that basically allow you to download and search online content, including images, templates, videos, 3D models, and reference materials to enhance your complete documents. For instance, PowerPoint QuickStarter or Office templates.
  3. Other connected experiences: Experiences such as collaboration of document can be also turned off by disconnecting the Microsoft office desktop apps from the Microsoft Cloud.

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